Theological Seminar "Mitropolitul Dosoftei"

Administrative headquarters of the high school seminary "Mitropolitul Dosoftei"

Administrative headquarters ACET Suceava

Rehabilitation, modernization, extension and mansarding of administrative headquarters Acet Suceava

Milisauti community center

Rehabilitation and modernization Milisauti community center, county Suceava

Cells building at Monastery Dragomirna

Cells building with household annexes monastery Dragomirna

School with 18 classrooms

Educational complex - school with 18 classrooms

Archdiocese headquarters buildings

Reconstruction Archdiocese Headquarters Buildings of Suceava and Radauti and C. T.strong>

Iacob Putneanu Cultural Centre

Building of Iacob Putneanul Metropolitan Cultural Center

Joined dwelling Block D5

Joined dwelling B+G+2F+2A Block D5, dwelling building "ANI" Zamca

Joined Dwelling Block D3

Joined Dwelling B+G+2F+2A Block D3, dwelling building "ANI" Zamca

Falticeni territorial hospital

Building of Falticeni Territorial Hospital

Biomass power plant Suceava

Cogeneration biomass power plant Suceava